VANIDERM Shampoo Product Review

Many commercial products nowadays can bring harmful effects in our body. Good thing Vaniderm recently release its new shampoo with 2 main natural Ingredients, Gugo & Aloe Vera.
We all know that gugo is a famous ingredient. Ginagamit ito sa ibat – ibang products specially those for hair. Gugo extract is taken from the bark of a vine known to promote hair growth, prevent hair loss and make it darker and shinier.
Aloe Vera on the other side can be seen every where lalo na sa mga mahilig sa organic plant. Halos karamihan ata ng commercial shampoo products proclaimed na meron ang product nila ng ganitong ingredient. That is because aloe vera is good in thickening the hair strands while preventing split ends.
These are the ingredients that make this shampoo good. As we all know before pa, nung hindi pa naiimbento ang shampoo o kahit naman nung naimbento na, ang ginagamit ng matatanda bilang alternative ay ang mga organic plant like Coco milk, Gugo & Aloe vera. Kaya silky, shiny, thick and strong ang hair nila. And because its natural, its free from harmful ingredients that fit the young ones.
For more info visit VANIDERM on facebook or grab your own product at any mercury drugs outlet.



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