Iron Man 3 Nailed It.

“We create our own demons” ― Tony Stark
Marvel’s 3rd Installment of super hero movie Ironman, directed by Shane Black, nailed me in cinema seats once again.
The story goes same as the typical superhero movies. The only difference is that it revolves in very playful character of Tony Sparks portrayed by top billed actor Robert Downey Jr. Tony is a playboy, billionaire, philanthropist and a genius engineer saving the world from villains in his iron suit.
In this installment, a genius nerd Aldric Killian portrayed by Guy Pearce turned into villain, created a twist of faith on Tony's life. Putting his wife Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow)  and the world in danger as he gets his revenge from the humiliation tony did to him 13 years ago.
This Ironman 3 is funny hell you’ll laugh out loud in the cinema. You can also feel the tension in every action scenes. It’s different from the other predecessors back in 2008 and 2010 because of the added humor in every character. This 2013’s 3rd installment is not just about a boring superhero saving the world, but rather about false beliefs, vengeance, betrayal and above all love.
Ironman still got the magic for surprising me in every what if’s of every scene.
ROBUST! Ironman is funny and exciting to watch so don’t forget to catch it in cinemas near you.
SPOILER ALERT: The child in the movie insidious rock the story!



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