Sweet Red Wine by Carlo Rossi

A memorable night happened last Thursday May 16, at Rich Monde Hotel Eastwood. As Carlo Rossi invited us to a blogger’s Rockeoke night. Von De Torres, Managing Director of Emperador Distillers said, “Getting together with family and friends or we-time is equally important and just as relaxing.” Local distillers encourages Filipino to have some gathering with special people that allows us to share our stories, engage with our feelings and interact with them.
After enjoying the relaxing live band and the good food as well, we get to one of the events activity “Rockeoke”, In which 12 blogger’s including me have to sing their chosen song in 1min. The competition is patterned to the reality singing contest The Voice. With its so called blind audition, the judges must listen to the singer without facing them. If the judge/s liked the voice of the contestant, they will swivel their chair, on the other hand, if the judge didn’t turn around in the given time, it means you didn’t get their heart and you’re out of the competition.
The nerve cracking excitement was in the air of the gallery as the contestants were called to sing their piece. To ease the tension it’s great to have a wine beside you and good thing Carlo Rossi’s Sweet Red Wine is just beside our tables during that time.

Wine is important in celebrations, but in order to have a real good thing be sure to get the real fine wine in special moments like this. Emperador Distillers brings Rossi sweet red, a sweet red wine crafted from grapes grown in California vineyards bursting with flavors and aroma. It has a layer of vanilla, bright cherry and wild raspberry flavor, and what’s great about it is you can drink it cold as in with ice. The ice brings out the flavor makes it more smooth finish doesn’t compromise the taste and actually makes it even better. Even if the ice melts, it doesn’t change the consistency of sweetness.
Since 1962 they have been offering good, honest wines that are easy to enjoy, and we all know that powerful antioxidant found in red wine have healthy-heart benefits, such as:
- reducing bad cholesterol
- protecting the lining of blood vessels
- lowering the risk of inflammation and clotting
- and even preventing diabetes and obesity, which are both strong risk factors for heart disease
So whether it’s a big or small celebration, celebrate it with a refreshing worth partying wines that gives authentic world-class flavor. That, you can only expect from the number one table wine in the world.
Carlo Rossi Sweet Red will surely be a best buy in the market in whatever occasions or even just in times that we should celebrate. So be sure to have your Rossi Sweet Red and lets celebrate life as if it is the last.



  1. Ryan Levy for leading the evening. Always a pleasure learning about wines from someone so knowledgeable about both food and wine!


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