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"Think again, Bury the excuses” ay isang event para isulong ang vaccination kontra Cervical cancer at tanggalin ang mga dahilan na pumipigil sa atin tungo sa kalusugan.
Isabelle Daza opens the presscon with a brief information on how to prevent Cervical cancer by living a healthy lifestyle, oral check-up to your doctor and doing things with no excuses, most specially when it comes to your health.
No Excuses
After Isabelle, a 27 years old consultant/speech coach JC Santos shared reasons why people makes excuses and provided tips on how to break such habit.
We should not make any alibi anymore especially to those who need medical help. Bury the excuses because when it comes to health issues like Cervical cancer we should not make any excuses.
Ang cervical cancer ay pangalawa sa pinaka common na cancer sa mga babae sa buong mundo. Around 288,000 deaths due to Cervical cancer are reported a day. In fact, in the Philippines 12 women die of Cervical cancer everyday. This disease has claimed a mother, sister or girlfriend every two hours. Actually someone is dying with Cervical cancer right now while your reading this.
Statistics show that 8 out of 10 women will have a HPV in their lifetime.
Cervical cancer is caused by the Human papilloma virus or HPV at hindi lang through sexual intercourse ang dahilan upang magkaroon ka nito. It has been proven to be transmitted even without penile penetration, As it can also be transmitted through skin genital contact.
The US center for disease control names HPV as the most common sexually transmitted infection. Sa sobrang common nito all sexually-active men & women get it at some point in their life, pero hindi porket hindi ka sexually active ay ligtas ka na. There are some records cases na mga babaeng walang sexual exposure ay nagkaroon ng Cervical cancer through heredity.
Most women were not even aware that they were at risk from Cervical cancer as they believe that being young, healthy or a virgin protects them from the disease. This excuses are not true, sa panahon ngayon delikado na ang mga virus at sobrang bilis nalang ng transmission.
Look at what happen to women cervix pag kinain na ng cancer:
Good news because Cervical cancer is preventable meron na ngayon mga vaccines available against cancer-causing HPV. With regular screening, vaccination pwede ma-reduce ang pag develop ng Cervical cancer by 94%. Female between early as 9-25 years old can be protected from this life threatening disease through long-time protection. Dahil mas effective ang vaccines sa mga ganitong age bracket mas tumataas ang immune response ng katawan.
A regular or annual pap smear and complete vaccination series should be on every modern Filipina’s to-do list.
Talk to your doctor about screening and HPV vaccination now!!! NO EXCUSES



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