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We all know that our teeth plays the most important part when we talk about eating. They help us chew our food for easy digestion and it also brings us self-esteem. All of us can smile confidently, eat properly and speak clearly if we take a proper care of our precious teeth.
I remember laging sinasabi ng parents ko at mga elders sa family namin na “Alagaan nyo ang mga ngipin nyo, mas maganda kumpleto ang ngipin para makakain ng maigi” Dentures na kase ang gamit ng mother ko since 20’s pa siya, hindi daw kase nya naalgaan ng maigi yung ngipin nya noon. Dagdag pa niya “nasa huli ang pagsisisi”.

I’m talking about this because our friend from GlaxoSmithKline the maker of Polident created an advocacy event called, A HEALTHY LIFE IN EVERY BITE, held yesterday at Greenbelt 1 Onstage Theatre, Makati. In cooperation with dental experts, aims to highlight the effects of improper use and care of dentures, which can ultimately lead to health issues amongst denture wearers.

Its so nice to watch active granny like this, I miss my grandparents.                                                               Makati Senior Citizen Chorale opens the event with National Anthem.                                                                  Agile Lolo’s and Lola’s dancing Cha-cha for a dance competition.                                                The Onstage Theatre looks like the studio of Eat Bulaga because of the groovy grannies.

The event was attended mostly by elders and our friends from media.


After the dance craze Dr. Nunez. talked about ways to take care of your dentures and mentioned the usage of Denture adhesives and cleansers as one of the best ways to care for the dentures.

According to Dr. Nunez, a denture is only good for up to a maximum of five years. Also, contrary to the belief that denture users need not see their dentists, it is equally important if not more, for them to have a regular dental check-up. It is only through a regular dental check-up that a dentist can assess whether a denture fits properly.

For in replacement of teeth loss, Dentures has been made for the people who wants to smile and eat with confidence.

“Another common problem is that a lot of denture users brush their dentures with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste.” adds Dr. Nunez. This is a big no – no because unlike our natural teeth, dentures are more porous thus, it requires more cleaning. But brushing it with regular toothbrush and toothpaste won’t work, because it will create abrasions on the dentures where food sediments may get stuck thus, harboring bacteria that may cause, not only bad breath, but bacteria that may contribute to stomatitis, pneumonia and other diseases.

Good thing Polident is here for denture users. Polident offers a denture adhesive cream and powder which can give denture wearers up to 12 hours of hold and properly fitting dentures, giving them the ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence. Polident adhesive cream can help ensure that denture wearers are able to eat the food they want and need, in turn enabling them to get the nutrition they need to live a healthy life. Polident also offers denture cleansing tablets, which kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria proven in lab testing. The denture tablets clean your dentures without scratching, which also help preserve the life of your dentures. Participants were also taught how to take advantage of products that help clean their dentures and keep them properly fit.

“This is a momentous event for the Philippine Dental Health. For the first time, we are recognizing and addressing a health issue that has always been put in the back burner. Our senior citizens are an underserved sector, so much so that we didn’t see one of their prevalent health concerns and its cause. I hope this event will help us realize that we should bite this issue at its very core”, very well said Dr. Nunez.

After the long explanation of Dr. Nunez, I request a picture from this gorgeous madam from Makati Senior Citizen Chorale.                                                                             Me and Madam Boots Gueco                          Available at a suggested retail price for 15g is Php85.00, Php173.25 for 40g and Php231.00 for 60g                                                  Suggested retail price for Polident Denture Cleanser is Php175.00.

Available nationwide in leading drugstores, supermarkets, groceries, hypermarkets and department stores.



  1. Thanks for this. When I reach the legal age, I realize that I should take care my teeth. It's expensive to do teeth cleaning for several times. My Makati dentist told me that I should take care my teeth when I was a kid so that I didn't experience those and the pain.

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  5. Thanks you so much for this. Will tell my mom to immediately let her dental fixtures checked up regularly by our friendly dentists in Makati.


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