Cuisinier’s Food Review

Included in my food adventure, Cucina Andare introduced Cuisinier’s that offers meaty recipe that meat lovers would surely loved.

Roast Beef                                                               Pork Barbeque                                              Chicken Barbeque

This mouthful Roast Beef is the best! Prepared for almost 3 days with slow cook method so the meat became soft and tender. Its slowly melts in my mouth like a cotton candy and spreading a meaty taste in my taste buds. Its perfect with rice and lechon sauce. For 135PHP Roast Beef will meet your heavenly meat expectation.

The edge of their Pork Barbeque from other barbeque is their big serving. Cuisinier’s only serves BBQ without any fats on the stick. Its tender and perfectly grilled that you will surely love. The Pork BBQ is 3 for 100php and 35php per piece. Plus 15php for rice and a tasty BBQ that is already a heavy meal.

For their Chicken Barbeque it is super tasty even without a sauce. But their special sauce called “Soyvinegar” brings out the best of the chicken. The sweet, sour, salty taste of the sauce made to match with the savory BBQ Chicken. Their Chicken BBQ is available in leg (75php) and thigh part (80php). Cheap in price yet delicious and will satisfy you.

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