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We all know that Rice is one of our main source of energy and for us Filipino hindi tayo makukuntento kung hindi tayo makakakain ng kanin sa buong isang araw. At dahil araw-araw tayong kumakain ng kanin karamihan saatin nag sasawa na sa plain rice at gusto naman makatikim ng bago.

That’s why Rice Pots a food kiosk in Cucina Andare offers three variant of fried rice that will suits your hunger.

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My vote goes to Pineapple Fried Rice besides the fact na favorite ko ang pineapple we can see na its more healthier among the two remaining. Masarap yung pagkaka blend ng pineapple sa buong fried rice and it feels like summer. Pagkatikim ko sa pineapple bits kumakalat yung lasa na maasim-asim at manamis-namis together with rice and its good with side dish. Its color yellow because of the margarine and looks more attractive with bits of carrots, cabbage and onion chives. Its not oily and salty it looks like Hawaiian thing for me looks so refreshing.

I’m a bit confused with Sisig Fried Rice and Adobo Fried Rice because of their texture, they’re too oily and salty. One thing that separates them is that Sisig Fried Rice is kinda spicy. Nothing’s special about Adobo Fried Rice I just don’t like the garlic skin scattered all over the rice.

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