Wrap Battle Food Review


Beef Nacho Wrap


This Beef Nacho Wrap from Wrap Battle lingers the taste on my mouth because of its strong distinctive taste. The tasty beef which is the main ingredient together with tomatoes, chop cabbage, onion, nacho sauce wrapped in a thin pan heated Pita with crispy tortilla on top. That is waiting for you’re big bite.

I can say that this is different from other nacho in metro. Because in every nacho they are selling you can be sure that its fully loaded with their ingredients and the taste that will satisfy your nacho craving.

I’m not endorsing it but for me this is so masaWRAP!!

For only 100PHP all shawarma or nacho lovers will compliment their cravings.

For more info email them at wrapbattle@gmail.com or visit their Facebook.



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