Manila Ocean Park’s newest attraction: Shark and Stingray Encounter!

Manila Ocean Park recently opened their newest and most exciting attraction for an urban adventure. With its crystal clear outdoor pool filled with various species of friendly Sharks and Rays. You can now go beyond aquarium walls and have an extreme and exciting interaction with marine animals.

And it’s such a pleasure to be invited to this once in a life time experience.                                                                  (With blogger friends in their most happy faces and daring swimwear)

Shark and Stingray Encounter Offer:

1. Aquanaut – It’s an indoor diving escapade you don’t need to be a certified diver in this program. A specialized helmet let’s you breath freely to enjoy docile shark, stingray and other fishes swimming around you.
2. Sharks & Rays Full Body Encounter – A full body outdoor experience. You can watch Sharks breeding behavior, lightly touch Stingrays and best of all you get to see them fed by trainers.
3. Shark & Rays Half Body Encounter – Dip in a water waist level of outdoor pool and here’s your chance to have a personal “face-to-fin” contact with amazing marine life. Pose and get souvenir shots and prove how fearless you are.
4. Dry Encounter – There is no need to get wet or change clothes. The touch and feel contact heightens your appreciation to care for the ocean and its inhabits.
5. Sharks & Rays Intimate – A specialized CSR program on shark and rays encounter by person with disabilities and special needs.

Before getting a close encounter with marine animals a short orientation explained to us what dos and don'ts. Regarding on how to interact with Shark and Rays and some facts and myths about them. A certified trainer briefed us on how to handle Stingrays properly and shared some trivia from this underwater creatures so we can adjust on their animalistic behavior.

After a short briefing we enjoyed our lunch in eat all you can buffet Liquid and Pool Lounge.                                                        (Who wouldn’t frightened if this 8-feet long couple shark is just a meter with you)

Surely when you saw a Shark or Stingray lurking and swimming around you, The first thing that you’re brain’s command is survival mechanism that is to swim, get away from them as far as you can.

At first I can’t deny that I’m seriously afraid to swim with Sharks, who wasn’t? If in the movies and animal channels Introduced them as the mighty predator of the sea with razor sharp teeth and a big appetite. Although the trainers said that Bull Sharks are harmless, not aggressive and well-trained, I never cross their territory that time.

Anyway…                                                                                                 (Eye-to-eye with a Stingray)

If you could still remember Steve Irwin the world-famous crocodile hunter he didn’t die on crocodiles teeth, it’s the stingray that kills him. I’m not saying that you should be more afraid of Stingrays. Stingrays and other animals will only attack if you do bad things to them they are only protecting their selves from the danger.

In the wild the first defense mechanism of Stingrays is to hide, Second defense is to sting the enemy with its poisonous spine at the back of its tail. That’s what happened to Steve Irwin and Steve’s fault there is he swim with the ray on top of it where the poisonous barb located, he’s just not lucky that day because he’s been stabbed in the heart.

Here in Manila Ocean Park trainers nurtured this Rays since they were babies and trained them to be confident with people, And don’t worry Stingrays dangerous spine barbs here has been cut so there’s nothing to worry about.

For more info check out their facebook fan page or visit: or call 567-7777 loc. 153
Manila Ocean Park is located behind Quirino Grandstand in Luneta, Manila.



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