Paradizoo & Residence Inn In One Day


Paradizoo Obviously it came from the word “paradise zoo” kidding aside, excuse my humor lol! Yeah it’s close pero sa tingin ko Paradise itong maituturing ng mga animals doon. It’s 1.5 hour travel from Manila to Mendez, Cavite pag dating namin sa Paradizoo we were given a glass of refreshing Tanglad tea or Lemongrass tea para mag pa refresh. After mag pa fresh ready na kami sa tour at si ate Karen ang naging tour guide namin sa buong Paradizoo.

First stop Animals 






Here’s ate Karen teaching us the right hand gestures how to milk a goat.



Juan Hapito’s video on how milking a goat)
                                                                                   And meet Voltes-5 the five legged cow.

Perpetual Park Cemetery 





Butterfly and Bee’s Sanctuary


Juan Hapito, Mader Myrna and Me spot the butterfly) 



                                                                                    (Forever favorite)

Hydroponics plant





We’re glad to know na may ganito sa isang theme park. Sa saya namin and for the love of herbs bumili kami ng taragon, basil, pineapple & ashitaba.

Wedding Pavilion
Nagkaroon ng konting Q&A and get-to-know session with the other bloggers. After ng tour sa buong Paradizoo and a little chat at Wedding pavilion we all headed to Casa Alegria for lunch.
  • All of the animals in Paradizoo are farm animals like: Rabbit, Sheep, Ostrich, Cross breed of wild boar and fat belly pig, Pony, Horse, Goat & Camel etc.
  • All the animals in Paradizoo are for sale. (Don’t worry lahat ng animals sa Paradizoo ay hindi galing sa wild lahat sila ay breed.)
  • Paradizoo is 12 hectare farm. You can enjoy vegetable picking, animals encounter and try the zing line ride afterwards.

Photos by: Juan Hapito
For tickets and more information check out their website Paradizoo.Facebook fan page: Zoomanity group
Twitter: @ZoomanityGroup


Residence Inn
Residence Inn is not that far from Paradizoo, It’s other theme park that should be visited.

These are the compilation of photos experiencing the Residence Inn:




(Honestly all of this photos is less than half of it, so for more photos kindly visit Juan Hapito’s facebook fan page) 

Residence Inn is a 2 hectare facility and inside it you will find exotic animals from different colors of Birds, Burmese python, Tigers, Crocodile. Palawan bear cat and the king of the jungle: The mighty lions.
But I pity the condition of the animals most especially the Tigers and Lions they have a small cage that all they can do is sit, eat & lay. I can barely see their Distal Femur (Thigh bone) I think that is because they can’t exercise like run or jump anything that they usually do under the sun. I hope Residence Inn will renovate their cages and make it more spacious for them to move more bigger.

For inquiries visit their website Residence Inn and their official website Zoomanity group.



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