International Robotics Olympiad Competition 2014


As all they say, Rome was not built over night. Same with our young Robotics Athletes, many of the Champions in Robotics Competition had to go through rigorous trainings prior to becoming the country representatives to an international Olympiad such as the IROC.”


Last Aug. 15, I was given a chance to attend a press conference for our country's representatives to the International Robotics Olympiad and The Philippine Robotics Team is on there highest preparation to compete at the 16th International Robotics Olympiad this coming Nov. 5-9 at Shijingshan Gymnasium, Beijing, China.

The International Robotics Olympiad is an annual event where different teams from all over the world gather and showcase their love and knowledge for robotics. This year’s event will be held at Beijing, China with the theme “Robots: Stop Global Warming!”.

iroc                                                                                    (Previous winner from Grace Christian College)

While Mr. Melvin Matulac explain to us how they select participants to international robotics competition one of the media asked if they receiving support or promotion from DepEd. He just honestly replied “Hindi” and he explains that they have private individuals that sponsoring their needs. Despite the lack of support, the previous 15th IROC held in Denver Colorado last Dec 2013, the Philippine team has won a lot of awards and recognitions. They got 2 gold's, 6 silvers, 5 bronze and 7 special awards from different schools in the country.

Good thing is, this coming competition the Data Science and Technology Corporation is the major sponsor for the Philippine Robotics Team.
Data Science and Technology Corporation is the provider of world-class technology education solutions to school. I check their products and test it. They are all innovative, promising and a breakthrough at a very affordable price.  Some of the products presented there are the labdisc, digital microscope,  multimedia resources, 3d printer and robot kits needed to assemble robots.

Below are the different game categories during the competition:

1. Sumobot
2. Line Tracing
3. Mission Challenge
4. Robo Soccer
5. Humanoid Challenge

Interested schools can still try out to be part of the team to represent the country at the said competition.

For more information visit DSTC website and learn how to join, And get their feed by liking the official facebook fan page click HERE.



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