“I am the baddest of them all.”


Earlier this morning I had been greeted by my two dogs with their contiguous body or we can just say a call of nature, love making or having sex.

I feel so devastated right after I saw that heart breaking moment, and GOAL! for my male dog. It confuses me so much like a crazy squirrel and many things runs in my mind; (they’re still my baby, I’m not ready, What am I going to do to stop them, It’s my fault, What will happen?) but still holding my self to not do any move because seriously I don’t know what to do!

I feel the same way when the father in the movies figured out that his teen daughter has been pregnant by not an ideal man. Also I can relate to the song Rude by Magic.

http://theindecenttruth.blogspot.com/                                                                                                      (That’s Mimi 7mos. & Noggy 8mos.)

After 5 minutes I decided to separate them on their currently love making situation. I know it will bring them pain but I still manage to pull the strings and successfully separate them. Then put their leash on and knot it on a different location so they can’t attract each other, I also thought to whip them with my hands but I stop my self before I become the monster of my own.

I feel guilty for what I did because they’re not used to be tied up on a corner. I did this to prevent any attempts of my male dog however I think it’s too late because they already did what is not to be done in that early age. (parent mode!)

I guess I just have to wait for their babies and accept the fact that I’m going to be a grandparent.

“If the boys don't dig in, the girls may dig out. [It's a powerful force in nature. If Bill Clinton couldn't resist it, how do you expect the dogs to show more self-control than a President?]” — Your pets best friend.

This quote made me realize that I have to move forward even though it’s so painful to see that they’re no longer babies. :(

Lesson learned! Thumbs up



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