Spend your Valentine’s Date at SABOTEN Serendra, BGC



I’m always walking around Serendra since our house is just outskirts of BGC. I admit there’s so many attractive restaurants in Serendra but I don’t know, I always find my eyes glancing at this Japanese restaurant that is indeed with a very catchy design.

http://theindecenttruth.blogspot.com/                                                                                           I love its simple wood parallel lines

Heaven granted, I was able to visit and try the flavor they offer that everyone seems to love.


As I step inside, I know my mind tells me it’s a Japanese restaurant but there’s a mixture of zen like feeling and it really makes me want to have a very relaxing massage. haayyy!

Let’s take a look of Saboten’s interior design;




http://theindecenttruth.blogspot.com/                                                       (Japanese Ancient Mythological creature and symbols embroidered on the wall)

I must say that this restaurant really brought me to Japan even though I’ve never been there (soon!). The ambiance is very cozy with unique smooth music that helps ease a busy mind and tired body from work.

Combinations of parallel woods, white and red leather sofa, white pebbles, black slate splits flat stones. Definitely a exquisite interior design.

Saboten opened its first shop in 1966. Today, it is one of the largest Tonkatsu chains in Japan with over 500 shops in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, and China. With over 40 years of experience carefully selecting only the best ingredients and offering hospitable service.

So now let’s try what Saboten has to offer;


First they severed this cute little cup with lukewarm Green tea, best to set your stomach to be prepared for the meal.


Followed with cabbage, pickles, radish and white & black sesame in a mortar and pestle.


What I usually do, I’m always making a circular motion to grind the sesame slowly, simultaneously enjoying the crisp smell of it. Just add katsu sauce perfect for dips.


After a minute or two my long wait is over…


Presenting the Saboten Sharing Set!

Composed by:

  • 2 Deep-fried shrimps
  • 2 Crab cream croquettes
  • 2 Rolled cutlets (choice of asparagus, cheese or plum)
  • Miso soup
  • Sticky Japanese rice

Actually when the crew put the special set in front of me I can’t resist to drool. Lol! 

Before anything else, I just want to share with you guys that you’ll get a chance to win a special valentine's gift just for taking a SelfWe? Yep you heard it right! just publicly post a SelfWe on Facebook or Instagram with your date or group of friends while dining at the restaurant. The contest will run from February 9 to 15 and get a chance to win an exciting prize from Raintree Restaurants. Don’t forget to include #lovesaboten #loveraintreerestaurants the winner will be announced on February 16 in their official Saboten Facebook Page.

Hurry! hope you guys win. :)

Going back to Saboten Sharing set.


This set never disappoint me as I expected its crispy yet not oily, since I’ve eaten a katsu before I can really tell the difference. The tenderloin and Tempura has their savory taste however this Crab cream croquettes & Rolled cutlets is the bomb, perfect with katsu sauce it will literary burst its rich flavor inside your mouth.

Saboten Sharing set is only Php 1,030+ plus it also comes with unlimited rice, pickles, radish, miso soup & cabbage. Affordable enough to have this sumptuous feast in your table. The crew also said that this set is good for two, after I eat I doubt because it can cover 2 to 3 persons.

I must say that your 1,000 pesos is worth it.

Also if you going to eat at Saboten on February 13 & 14 Hiroshima oysters is available if you will order this Sharing set.

http://theindecenttruth.blogspot.com/                                                                                                    (Creamy green tea)

I’m still recovering from the delectable brunch and this one came. It’s very very creamy with a small after taste of a green tea this one also reminds me of halo-halo because of its red beans on the bottom of the glass.

who wouldn't give in with this enticing sweets?

http://theindecenttruth.blogspot.com/ http://theindecenttruth.blogspot.com/
http://theindecenttruth.blogspot.com/ http://theindecenttruth.blogspot.com/
(Clockwise from upper left: Chocolate hazelnut cream cake, Matcha lychee, Green tea & vanilla ice cream with honey, and Sesame sans rival)

Incase there’s a law and its a crime if a persons eats a lot of sweets, I’ll be in jail right now. Lol!

All in all I’m super satisfied with the food and a very accommodating crew of Saboten, I will definitely recommend this Japanese restaurant to my family and friends also will surely come back.

Raintree Restaurants

As a restaurant family that complements your own lifestyle, Raintree Restaurants is committed to providing a pleasurable social and gustatory experience. We intended to do this by ensuring that only top-quality food items come out of our kitchens while our service team give you the care and hospitable treatment you so rightfully deserved.

Website: www.raintreerestaurants.com
: https://www.facebook.com/raintreesaboten?ref=ts&fref=ts
Instagram: http://instagram.com/sabotenph


Thanks for reading! :)



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