Something Sweet at Beans Talk Bistro in Baguio

Last—last week I visited Baguio for the reason I’ am the coordinator of my sisters business which is Vanashane Travel & Tours. As a newbie and literary don’t have any background for this kind of field its kinda difficult at first to coordinate people that you just met. Since I have the authority I earned the title and act like one.

I treated them the way I wanted to be treated. However for me I still have a lot to eat hulled rice grains. Lol!

Good thing I invited my blogger friends with me so that when I have a free time I’ am occupied with their stories and get an advise on how I can improve my blog.

Fast forward. One of my friend searched any coffee shop in Baguio near our place for our little chit-chat, luckily Beans Talk Bistro is just 14 minutes walk from our transient.

Beans Talk is located in the heart of Session Road in Baguio City, Beans Talk Bistro is the default coffee shop | restaurant of City Center Hotel, Baguio City. As I stepped in, I noticed they eye catching interior design. 
The red & black primary color, ceiling holes will makes you feel this is not just a café, (where in your going to buy coffee then leave). Beans Talk offers great selection of gourmet coffee drinks, milk tea, and freshly baked breads, and cakes. It also serve complete meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For those who loves to feel the cold weather of Baguio their veranda is also open for smoking and the bistro serves local and international brands of beer. You can also find here the view of the narrow road of Session road.

We ordered their latest good-looking cakes, inviting Caramel Machiatto, Cappuccino and lasagna.

I think after 10 minutes of taking picture none of us try to touch these elegant cakes, until Ms. Joy Ang (the owner) told us to eat it before it will melt.                                                                                          Hazelnut Passion Fruit Entremet
                                                                                                         Php 220                                                                                         Beans Talk Demi Sphere Entremet
                                                                                                           Php 220                                                                                               White Choco Mousse Entremet
                                                                                                             Php 220                                                                                                               Lasagna

All in all I’ am very satisfied with the taste and quality of each cakes plus the coffee that is perfect for the cold weather outside. Thumbs up with their accommodating crew.

If you’re going to Baguio don’t miss to drop by at this cozy restaurant. I definitely recommend Beans Talk whether you are with friend, family or special one.

Check out their Facebook Page.



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