My take on Jurassic World

Last Wednesday I was able to watch the phenomenal Jurassic World everyone's dying to watch for. This installment is different from  Steven Spielberg Jurassic Park trilogy, however he is one of the producer of this film Directed by Colin Trevorrow.
Happened in the very cozy La-Z Boy seats at Resorts World Manila in partnership with WhenInManila and PMCM Events Management.
Jurassic Park fans all over the world including me, that has been a big part of my childhood waited for over 14 years to watch this prehistoric predator to roam the earth on the big screen again.

Jurassic World

Warning: If you feel like you're going to read some spoiler DO NOT proceed! Lol.

I must say Owen the Character of Chris Pratt in Jurassic World blew me away! You can actually separate his acting here, compared to name a few like Guardians of the Galaxy etc. There is a small number of actors who can change there character from that movie to another based in the given scrip/stories and Chris Pratt is on of those I salute you man you're fantastic!
It feels weird but while I'm watching this movie there is a nostalgic effect that make some flash back the first time I watched Jurassic Park.
I noticed that there are some flaws in the story telling, there is a certain part of the screen play worn out apart in my opinion that don't belong in the movie.
Well compared to special effects and its obvious now that we have a better CGI but I'm still rooting for 1993 Jurassic Park. I can watch that movie and still jump to its thrilling scenes because all of the effects and the movements of the dinosaurs looks crazy as real! This film never grows old.
Overall I enjoy the movie this one is perfect for a family to watch.
Don't get me wrong but in my opinion this is a good movie, for me it's not a great movie because it could never surpass the original.
Share your thoughts comment below what you think of this movie, I'll be happy to read them.

Thank you for reading! :)



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