Felipe & Son's x Gillette x Esquire!

Trying different salon or barbershop for me is no big deal, it will give me a lot of choice which shop is better in service. Last month I tried a random salon near my house, I entered the salon with full of hope I exit with disappointment.
They didn't meet my expectations plus they make my hair tangled. Instead of complaining I just left peacefully. It took me weeks to recover from the damage and make my hair a bit longer so I can undergo haircut again.
Good timing my friend introduced me to Felipe & Son's
It has an elegant, classic ambiance inside that most vain guy will like, I remember the movie KingsmanLol!

Felipe & Son

Filipi & Sons

That time Felipe & Son's partnered with the premier men's shaving brand in the country Gillette and Esquire Magazine for a night celebrating innovation of shaving.

This is my first time to experience a barbershop that offers food and drinks. Cool right!

Filipi & Sons

(Pastor Jeff getting his hair done)
During my stay there I was able to experience the new Gillette FlexBall technology I'm impressed with its razor that swerves and contorts to my face as kuya andy effortlessly shaved my not so lush beard and mustache.
After my haircut and mini shaving kuya andy execute Felipe & Son's famous relaxing barbershop massage.

Filipi & Sons

So, here's my obligatory photo after the pampering sesh. I look high school though. Lol!
I like the clean taper comb hair cut, this look makes me go out of my comfort zone. I feel confident and satisfied!

felipe & son

I also like this pomade, actually it's my favorite now. What I like about this is its flexible hold, lightweight and wash out easily.

Filipi & Sons

If you are curious how much it will cost you if you will try this luxurious barbershop here's their rate:
  • Haircut - 280
  • Shave - 390
  • Haircut/Shave Package - 620
Not bad right? besides you will experience the top-of-the-line service.
All in all I'm complacent with my haircut. Good ambiance, good service and approachable people. Check! ✔️
I highly recommend this old-fashioned barbershop to all gentlemen out there! Check out Gillette Flexball now in all stores nationwide. FB: https://www.facebook.com/GillettePhilippines
Felipe and Son's is located at Mezzanine A, LPL Mansions, San Agustin Street, Salcedo Village, Makati.



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