Farmstay: 3 reasons why Snail Slime is good to your skin.

I remember back in the days when my friends and I were spending our childhood under the sun playing carelessly, teasing some snail to go hide inside their shell.


Late this year I heard that their slime (with slightly disgust) Lol! are used and super in demand particularly in Korea for cosmetics.
That's why Koreans have flawless like porcelain skin, because of their not so secret beauty regiment. Today Filipinas too can achieve the soft and smooth skin they dreaming of, with the arrival of new Korean beauty wonder in the country.

I listed the 3 reasons why Snail Slime is good to your skin:
1. Collagen and elastin - Collagen gives connective tissue and organs rigidity so they can function, and elastin lets them stretch and return to their original state.
2. Allantoin - A proven stimulant for skin regeneration – also effective for healing, smoothing and anti-irritation – that works by increasing water content and strengthening cell structure.
3. Proteins and vitamins - Contribute to the constant regeneration of skin while also acting as anti-inflammatory agents.
Snail slime had its beginnings in Chile, when the farmers who were exporting snail to restaurants in Europe noticed that the skin on their hands became extremely soft, also some injury and cuts healed quickly.


Good news because McDell Healthcare Products, Inc. a Filipino owned company and the distributor Farmstay bring the wonder of Snail in the Philippines.
Farmstay specializes in snail slime technology which helps in preventing wrinkles and repairs skin, making it firm, flexible, plump, tightening pore, hydrating skin for a softer and smoother texture also healing properties for inflamed, damage skin due to burns and acne.


You can now complete your beauty routine from facial wash, hydrating sheet mask, sun block, moisturizing cream, and CC creams, name it, Farmstay have it all.
"It is Mcdell's goal to bring Korea's technical advances in skincare to be more accessible and affordable to Filipinos." Mcdell Healthcare Products, Inc. Marketing Manager Nancy Pereyras.


We had a very relaxing afternoon at the Blue Water Day Spa.



The attendant from Blue Water Day Spa did foot reflex on us while we're watching funny movie.
How awesome it is to spend our day, I actually almost slept. All in all it was an superb experience.

To know more about their products visit: or follow them on their social media accounts FarmstayPHL.



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