Achieve the baby skin with Luminisce: Baby Skin Laser

After being busy to countless events, I finally had a chance to visit my favorite skin clinic Luminisce Skin and Laser clinic. It's one of my simple ways to welcome 2016 and to face the challenges confidently with a heart!
I was supposed to choose the same treatment I always do every time I visit, but Dr. Kaycee Reyes introduced me to their new treatment called Baby Skin Laser. Which I didn't hesitate to try because who wouldn't want to have a baby skin? Also she knows whats best for her clients.

Luminisce visit

(Michele, Dr. Kaycee & Me)
This kind of treatment was famous in Korea as BB Cream Laser, which adopt by Luminisce as Baby Skin Laser. It aims to achieve smooth and baby-soft skin that Koreans are well-known to have.

Luminisce visit

The nurse first clean my face with hypoallergenic facial cleanser then wiped it off with lukewarm sponge, followed with relaxing facial massage. She then proceed to luxury facial, this procedure will help your skin to recover with all the stress and pollution it also makes your skin ready for Baby Skin Laser treatment.

Luminisce visit

I think after 15 minutes the nurse approach the vacant Dr. to do my Baby Skin Laser. Yes Doctor's whose expert in laser are the one who will execute the procedure so you'll know you're in good hands. It only take less than 10 minutes and requires no anesthesia, as these laser creates invisible channels, it also injects special ingredients into the skin that promises to improve the skin from within.
Many of us dream of having soft, smooth, and pristine skin. Now that dream has come true, as the latest technology from South Korea is now available at Luminisce! The Baby Skin Laser aims to achieve that result: smooth and baby-soft skin that Koreans are well-known to have. This latest treatment creates invisible channels to absorb nutrients directly and efficiently, healing scars and sun damage, whitens skin, and improves melasma. Notice the difference in as fast as a few days! This is the ultimate beauty treatment today! Call us now at (02) 511 8500 or contact 0977-8044601 and try the Baby Skin Laser today! Video (c) @astigdotph #Luminisce #DrKayceeReyes #HolisticSkinInnovations #SkinCare #TheFort #DermaFort #DermaPhilippines #BGC #SkinClinic #Skin #SkinDoctor #BeautyUnfiltered #BabySkinLaser
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This equipment prepares the ingredient that is transferred into your skin, and this ampoule will cure your various skin needs.
After the Baby Skin Laser, hot stingy feeling was all over may face. I remember applying Calamansi on my face back when I was a teenager lol! As per the nurse the laser opened the channels to my skin to absorb all the medicine to suits my skin problem and also achieve the Baby Skin.

Luminisce visit

The PDT Light stayed on my face for another 15 minutes. Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) greatly improves sun-damaged skin, fine lines, blotchy pigmentation and rough skin patches. PDT even has the unique ability to minimize pores and reduce oil glands.
After the treatment Dr. Kaycee told me everything about the Baby Skin Laser. She said that it is non-invasive procedure and its fast, has no downtime, and delivers results gradually and effectively. Some of the patients including me noticed the difference in just one session.

Luminisce visit

Also Dra. believes that healthy skin cannot be achieved overnight. "Like diet and exercise, skin care requires being regular and constant to keep it healthy and beautiful, and this is what we call Skinvesting." Taking care of your skin today might not make much of a difference tomorrow, but in the long term, you will thank yourself for it.
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Happy holidays guys! Let's all welcome 2016 with a bang! Feel free to drop something in the comment section below.



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