Fast talk with Vice Presidentiable Gringo Honasan

Politics is not my thing, but for once, especially this coming election, I think I need to make an exception. As a Filipino, it is my responsibility to know more about the candidates I am giving my vote to. Thus, I am writing this blog. 
Gringo Honasan
I got an opportunity to sit and have a fast talk with the running mate of the current Vice President of the Philippines Jejomar Binay. Coincidentally he is running for the same position, Gregorio "Gringo" Honasan, a senator, an ex-military man and a former coup plotter. What makes him deserve our votes?

Concept of a Hero

"We did not fight the battles that we're sure to win. We fought the battles that needed fighting."

According to Mr. Honasan, our national heroes sense of nationhood is because of their loyalty to their families. For him, our heroes have a very strong realization of what their families can benefit from a strong nation. 
Gringo Honasan
He believes that a job of a leader is to teach the people that they should stop dreaming and start working and pray hard to build this nation. He also thinks that everyone must develop a stronger sense of education by teaching our next generations of leaders and citizens factual history devoid of organized hypocrisy- which I think, what the current administration is doing. Wala lang, I just feel like PNoy's reign is full credit grabbing and personality attack instead of focusing on our nation's growth. Sorry for the commentary.LOL! 

"If you want another People Power EDSA Revolution, do it on social media, but do it with great responsibility."

From Rebel to Politician

"Many lives were lost during our coup attempts but I've paid my dues already. Nakulong na ako, nagtago ako, absentee father, absentee husband."

Mr. Honasan shared the story about how their coup attempts in 86 are being blamed for destroying the economy. "We asked UP Economists including Prof. Winnie Monsod, who was the NEDA Chief that time while we were going underground, if we destroyed the economy. They told us we're not that good. It's already on its way down. Pinabilis lang ninyo".

According to him, the reason why he went out of Politics is because most of the people inside are not following the law and the reason for his return is his hope that everyone abide it. "Eh hindi nanaman susundin, ayokong sabihan na lalabas ulit ako."

On fixing the Nation

"This is not going to be a quick fix. We are not going to do this overnight".

Gringo Honasan
Mr. Honasan firmly told us not to rely on others as everybody is busy surviving, including the traditional rich countries. He suggests that we develop this beautiful country of ours and get together as a people.  

Below 30,000 Php earners tax exemption

Mr. Honasan said that part of their platform is to eradicate tax for employee's with below 30,000Php salary. According to him, it is unfair on the part of the employees. "Hirap na hirap na nga pahihirapan mo pa." He also added why not tax the top 1000 corporations who does nothing but contribute to candidates. "...tapos because of utang na loob, kapag naka-upo na, sisingilin mo? So paano mo maserve yung public interest kung if you're indebted already to your major contributors?" 

On Alma Moreno

According to Mr. Honasan, Alma Moreno may not be articulate and may not speak the king's english, but she has a track record. "Pinahirapan ni Karen Davila si Alma Moreno, pero we forget she's three-time president of the Philippines Councilors League."

Why Gringo?

On this cliche question, Mr. Honasan said that wanting to run is not enough. "Kailangan ipakita mo na gusto mo at kaya kong gawin yan. Hindi naman sikat ang asawa ko. Ang pangalan ko hindi naman prominente. Wala naman akong perang pinaman sa akin. Ang minana ko lang talaga ay yung pangalan ko na sinubukan nilang dungisan. 



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