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We are living in an age where technology defies time and distance by connecting people to the world instantly with one click of a button. Everyone gets to meet and greet, share thoughts and ideas and even be the person they want to be online. The advancement of technology provided opportunities to everyone, even to those who wants to take advantage of its power.


The social media like facebook is a place where you get to open everything about you. It's a platform where everyone can be a target of fame or shame. The flow of conversation there is so powerful you don't get to choose or control everything like how simple you can connect to everyone. That is why there is Veems.  

Veems is a social platform where I get to share things about me and my passion safely. I love how I can share my blog post and target my beloved audience personally. If you're a 90's kid who happens to have a cellphone in the year 2005 or so, you can get to relive GM's on Veems. It is where you can send a general message to everyone and gets a personal and authentic response. Which I like the most because if anyone has something bad to say, they'll say it to you personally without getting a public shame. Veems allow their user to control the conversation. Not everyone can jump in and just call you out. 

One feature that I find cute about Veems is the "Secret SMS". It's like a high school thing where if you want to be anonymous to your crush and you just want to send them a message about what you feel, then you can do it here. Oh! I might forget, Public chats are also available. It is certainly the next big social media platform that Filipinos will surely love.    

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You may get Veems App on your mobile through this link:

Lastly, Veems team always listen and they update the app to give people a fun a safe way to freely express their feelings.


 Like their Facebook page and check out Veems Website.



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