TARA (Thief Alarm and Recovery Application)

One of my biggest fears, when I go out away from my house, was "to get robbed" by someone. I don't know I always tend to overthink things because a lot of my friends experienced this kind of brink of death situation. I thank God it didn't happen to me and it never will!

Did you know that 41% of Filipinos have experienced phone theft, every year, thousands of Filipinos lose their piece of personal property that not only cost money but also contains valuable information that includes phone numbers, photos, videos, access to emails, personal accounts and even credit card data?


Fret no more! introducing TARA (Thief Alarm and Recovery Application) a Filipino-developed revolutionary mobile app that aims to prevent mobile phone theft with it kill switch feature that makes it unusable by thieves and their resellers. TARA works even without wi-fi access, data connection, or cell phone load, it is the first and only telco-enabled kill switch that protects the users,

TARA the first of its kind in the country, possibly in Asia and the world. It calls the attention of the theft by screaming "magnanakaw! magnanakaw!" or "thief! thief!" when it's activated.


"When a person is a victim of mobile phone theft, it leaves him or her feeling helpless. It can be a traumatic experience where the victim often feels as if he has been violated. There are also deaths that have been attributed to robbery attempts. Hold-up and snatching incidents have been a commonplace scenario in our streets," explains Engr. Jun Lozada, the technology and communication expert who is the president and CEO of Galileo Software Services Inc. "We need to feel safe whenever we go out. This is why we developed TARA. It is like a seatbelt for your mobile phone. As our tagline says... No mobile phone or any device should be worth a life, not even a scratch."


With TARA, you can LOCK, LOCATE, and even WIPE your phone by texting keywords with the use of a spare or borrowed phone that is completely free of charges.

You can lock your phone entirely and trigger a very loud alarm that will surely bring attention to the thief by texting the keywords LOCK [Your Mobile No.] [Your Pin] and send to 5161

Ex: LOCK 09123456789 Ab123456

Unlock your phone by texting the keywords UNLOCK [Your Mobile No.] [Your Pin] and send to 5161 to stop the alarm.

Ex: UNLOCK 09123456789 Ab123456

Locate your phone by texting LOCATE [Your Mobile No.] [Your Pin] and send to 5161

Ex: LOCATE 09123456789 Ab123456

How easy is that?


Avail TARA now! Download the app on Google play and register their basic information for your mobile phones protection. Once you signed up you are eligible for free-30 day subscription, you have the option to renew after the free subscription with very affordable price. Php 15 weekly, Php 50 monthly, or Php 500 yearly.

For more information check out their website HERE.



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