Ipanema x STARCK Introduced Timeless & Accessible Elegance

Ipanema x STARCK

Ipanema teamed up with world-renowned creator Philippe STARCK, for collection will feature a collection of flats, flip flops, and sandals, in four distinct design, offered in a myriad of colors. These dynamic sandals are inspired by various possible lifestyle and moods to recognize all dimensions of the modern woman, such as artsy, glamour, nature and sophisticated chic.

Ipanema x STARCK
"The Ipanema with STARCK collection explores the territory of high elegance paired with the utmost minimalist. When you reach elegance with a few dollars or euros, this is no longer magic; it is a modern miracle," says Philippe Starck

Focusing on sustainability, Ipanema with STARCK was developed with 30% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.

Ipanema x STARCK Ultimately each woman can make her own selection from the variety of strap designs and colors that best represent her own  and style statement. The collection;s palette is a blend of neutral and citrus tones including white, black smoke, acid yellow, orange, rose transparent yellow, and transparent orange.

Ipanema x STARCK "We are truly privilleged to team up with world-renowned creator and creative genuis Philippe Starck in this new collaboration, this partnership will certainly bring timeless, accessible yet elegant line up of footware for the modern, sophisticated women in the country and across the globe."

The Ipanema with STARCK colletion is the perfect balance between industrial production and artisanal savoir-faire.

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