OFWs come home to Manila to get their hair back

Medical findings show that about 30% of the adult population experience some degree of hair loss, even up to their 40s and 50s. Nearly two-thirds of men start to go bald at various stages and ages in their life.  Due to the great psychological value attached to having a full head of hair, thinning hair and hair loss are a big issue for people young and old, especially for men.

OFWs with more disposable income are seeking ways to improve their appearance and raise their self-esteem. “Employers perceive younger-looking, well-groomed people to be more attractive and competent.  So when we look good and appear younger, we get more job opportunities,” says Mateo Cepe, a contract worker from Dubai.


MAXiM Hair Restoration, an 11-year old hair transplant clinic, says the number of foreigners, medical tourists and vacationing Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) coming to their clinic for hair transplants has been steadily growing through the years. Clients from the US, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Middle East, Canada, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia are growing in number.

“Hair transplants in Manila cost less and are world class. MAXiM has a long track record and international experience.  It is famous and reputable among us OFWs,” says Leonardo Eguia, a former OFW from Taiwan.

Other OFWs undergo hair transplants for more personal reasons. “There are clients who want to improve their relationships and feel better about themselves. Many OFWs are ecstatic after seeing their new hairlines.  More hair on their head takes them to a new level in their personal life and gives them renewed confidence,” said Mac Fadra, CEO of MAXiM Hair Restoration.

Unlike other hair transplant clinics that also offer cosmetic procedures like face lifts, skin tucks and botox, Fadra says MAXiM is entirely dedicated to hair restoration. “We can restore hair on the scalp, eyebrows, chest, implant facial hair like beards and sideburns, and perform non-surgical procedures such as Scalp Micropigmentation. We can take hair from the sides and back of the head as well as from the chest, arms and other parts of the body."

MAXiM performs MEGA sessions of up to 4,000 grafts in one session whereas other centers perform mini sessions, requiring clients to return repeatedly for more grafts (hair).  Also, MAXiM doctors are plastic surgeons who are adept at wound healing and aesthetic procedures compared with other centers where the doctors performing hair transplant procedures are ordinary physicians without any plastic surgery experience.  

According to the MAXiM mantra, "Hair is all we do and we do it well."   They are super-specialized and focused on hair restoration and nothing else.  

MAXiM Hair Restoration is the Manila branch of the New York-based hair transplant company that also has offices in Connecticut and Chicago in the US; Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, and other Asian markets. 

For more information about hair restoration or addition, go to www.maximhairrestoration.com/locations/manila or call (02) 818 6000 or 813 2001 for a FREE consultation.  OFWs and those residing outside Metro Manila can avail of Skype sessions.



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