Play Hide & Seek at Breakout Philippines!

I remember playing hide & seek with my classmates back in elementary wearing our school uniform after class. Then puberty hits me without a notice and suddenly all my child doings disappear like a bubble, because greater responsibility  awaits.
Hide & Seek
Good thing there's a place where an adult can unleash their child instinct. If you're into unlocking challenges then this is for you. Breakout Philippines is the first real escape room game in the Philippines that will surely draw the inner sherlock in you.

Along with other bloggers we tried their newest room called Hide & Seek. In this room, the seemingly playful game takes a twisted turn as it recounts the story of a little girl who hides a very deep secret.

Compared to child's Hide & Seek this is way different that will gives you a spine-tangling experience! Breakout Philippines version of Hide & Seek will pressure you to the ninth level. Imagine being locked in a room where you need to find hidden objects, decipher clues, and solve puzzles until you can finally breakout from the room, and to add more intense you only have 45 minutes to accomplish every challenge.

Hide & Seek According to the creators, this room does not really have a concrete story and every participants seems to have different experiences inside the room. A few groups have claimed that they feel like they are trapped inside for hours despite having a 45-minute time limit.

This room is not for faint of the heart, I myself want to go home after hearing some stories from Angelo Cruz, Breakout Philippines Managing Director. In spite of little flu I manage to finish the challenge, we exit Hide & Seek room with slight depression because didn't escape the room with the given time. Lol!

Special Rates for Weekdays:
 Price is only P300 per person

Normal Rates for Weekends:
Price is only P600 per person -- for 1-2 persons
Price is only P500 per person -- for 3-4 persons

Price is only P400 per person -- for 5 or more persons

Test your courage with Breakout Philippines check out their Facebook page and Website.



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