A different kind of workout at Saddle Row Serendra

saddle row
I'm not really that workout junkie who spend most of my time at the gym to gain muscles. Since I dance, I prefer yoga to achieve both flexibility and inner relaxation that will help me focus on my forte.

Saddle row

If you're like me or you just want to try something different besides lifting weights then you must try this workout. Saddle Row is the newest indoor cycling studio in Metro Manila - located on the second floor of Serendra.

I think cycling is very common so I tried their rowing class for a change, but man! it was literally a race between me and my breath. lol! 

saddle row

Saddle row
In case you are wondering how this equipment works, it's a machine made out of wood that counts the calories you loss and the meters you finish, this machine is equipped with water and has patented flywheel that imitates the motion of the boat, moving water every time you row.

Saddle row

The instructor Chermita taught us the right way to row, correct our posture, and breath properly. She gives us 3 sets of 500 meters and in the middle of the class, I really want to give up because I'm starting to get cramps, but she's the kind of instructor that motivates you, keeps you on track. 

Saddle row

To overcome your own self is an accomplishment already. Now I know the quote: "The only person standing in your way is you" is lit AF!

They have current promos:

1. Summer SUMMER RUSH : Php 500.00/ per class

2. Amorita x Saddle Row – Get a chance to win a 3D/2N pass to Amorita Resort. Just
complete twelve (12) rides from April 1- May 31 and have your card stamped every time you finish a class. When you complete the 12 stamps (meaning you completed 12 rides),you can drop off the card into our Special Drop Box. We will draw the winners on June 1 and announce it the same day.

Here're Saddle row's rates:

Drop in Php 750
Open spin (60 minutes) Php 300

5 Rides Php 3,500 - 30 days
10 Rides Php 6,500 - 90 days
20 Rides Php 12,500 - 180 days

They are located in BGC, Serenda 2nd level at front of Hossein's Restaurant. Check out their Facebook page, Instagram and Website



  1. Sounds interesting, but looks hard!! :))

    1. Hi Chesy, it really depends parin talaga on the persons capability. choz! see you soon :)


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