Hurom your all-in-one juice bar

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We all know that we could never have enough fruits and vegetables in our system. Fruits and vegetables are abundant with vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients, and enzymes. A 13-year study by University College London only confirms what we have been long told. Eating a daily average of more than seven servings of fruits and vegetables could drastically reduce the risk of all causes of mortality, but eating seven plates of nutrition is easier said than done. Juicing is an excellent way to complement your daily recommended allowance of fruits and vegetables, and taking them in juice form even quadruples their nutrient absorption rate.  But not all juicers are created equal.

Hurom: Your All-In-One Juice Bar
The juice bar has turned into a kind of modern apothecary. These colorful array of bottles that you see about town have become the new vitamin supplements. “Drinking” your vitamins are certainly more delicious alternative than just popping a pill in the morning. Juices also hold the promise of a faster delivery system into your bloodstream. 

Hurom: Your All-In-One Juice Bar
The Hurom slow juicer is the global leader in this category. It is powerful enough to juice just about anything, but does this is in way that preserves the natural nutrition, flavor and color of your produce. You can easily see that the juice produced using this method will have preserved most of its vibrancy and color. The Hurom motor works with in a slow but efficient method of extraction that preserves the enzymes and nutrients of your fruits and vegetables. Certain models are even capable of producing nut milks, which is a healthier alternative to dairy. There is no need to strain the nut milk, which you would do if done in an ordinary blender.   

Hurom: Your All-In-One Juice Bar
Most commercial juices do not get to preserve the phytonutrients and enzymes present in fruit and vegetable because the power of the blades used to extract their juices damage the cell wall of the produce. You will notice that the juice produced from these kinds of juicers are darker and oxidize easily.  Furthermore, a lot commercial juices are pasteurized which further degrades their nutritional benefits. Hurom gives you maximum control over your juicing needs, and the variety and combination of flavors and textures you can concoct are endless. The official Hurom website gives a lot of tips. 

Hurom: Your All-In-One Juice Bar
Hurom slow juicers do not have whirring blades that apply heat and destroy the enzymes in your juice.  You can see for yourself by comparing the color of the juice the Hurom produces compared to a normal juicer. Hurom juice is full of live, digestive enzymes, which along with the nutrients your body absorbs also aids in breaking down food for easier digestion. You can also enjoy more nutrition in your fruit and vegetable juice by including the nutrients of seeds and peels.  The pulp that is extracted makes for excellent fiber filler that you can use for baking and a host of other cooking applications, so the Hurom juicer wastes nothing.

This juicer lets you take your personal health into account by allowing you to customize your juices according to your personal health requirements. The Hurom is more than a juicer. Think of it as a delicious vitamin delivery system. 



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