Live pain (and heartache free) with Medsonix

Who would want to live in pain? The pain only reminds us that we're alive but nobody has to suffer from it long term. Last Thursday I learned that there's a machine releases sound waves which relieve many diseases and medical problems.

I went to Clinica Manila calm and collected, but deep inside I'm decomposing. If you guys didn't know, I have a phobia to clinics and hospitals it just gives an uncomfortable feeling. After a minute of having a conversation with my blogger friends, we found ourselves entering a small room which the therapy will happen.

We sat and put the sound reduction headphones on because the low-frequency sound coming from the machine is kinda unpleasant to the ear. The sound waves created by the machine resonates to the container filled with water and pass through our body. This therapy increases blood flow, reduce inflammation, pain and improves skin tone.

The revolutionary Medsonix Acoustic Resonating Therapy System from U.S now invades the Philippines to address Filipinos diseases. It was developed by Alphonse Cassone 10 years ago now it fights arthritis, migraine, sciatica, back and joint pain and other problems. Also cures multiple sclerosis, Lyme diseases, fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease and relieve pain caused by tunnel syndrome. The device is registered with the U.S Food and Drug Administration as Class A and was granted three U.S patents. It is non-invasive, drug-free, safe and effective.

"This will help improve the quality of life of many patients who have tried almost everything to get rid of the pain," said Professor Soriano, who teaches marketing and real estate at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

The good thing about Medsonix pain therapy is, you can check your emails, social media accounts, listen to music, and read books. You can make your 30 minutes stay, productive while having a therapy how cool is that?  They said when you will feel warm, tingly sensation throughout the body  that means the sound waves is correcting what needs to be corrected.

Go ahead and live pain-free even the pain from the past will disappear. Lol! They're located at Clinica Manila, 2nd level of Megamall. To schedule your appointment call: 730-3237/0947-5951524 or email them

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