Avida & Kubular tie up for Art in Space

Avida & Kubular
Aesthetics is one of the main factors I maintain my feed on Instagram. I always make it to a point that every time I post a photo it follows the color, texture, symmetry, transcendence, and harmony based on what theme I want my feed to appear.

I have the same eye when it comes to design. Actually, I consider myself with OCD, which is kinda irritating sometimes because you're always aiming for perfection. Last week, I stumble upon with the people same vision as mine. This time its form of furniture and rare finds art piece.

Avida & Kubular

It's a two-week exhibit, happening at Avida showroom in Glorietta 4. Art in Space features the aesthetics of creative interiors between Avida Land and Kubular. This is the first collaboration between Avida, proponent of sensible and inspired living, and Kubular, the furniture design firm from the brains behind graphic design-based apparel brand Team Manila.

Avida & Kubular

In the exhibit, they revealed never-before-seen pieces from Kubular’s newest collection. Kubular’s furniture designs carry an industrial, Scandinavian feel—straightforward elements like wood and steel bent into cubes and grids to make furniture that are aesthetically and functionally designed.

“All the furniture you see here aren’t aspirational—they’re accessible. You can purchase them and take them home to improve your own space after the show. Innovation doesn’t have to be just aspirational. That’s what Kubular and Avida stand for,” adds Mon Punzalan of Kubular

Avida & Kubular

Art in Space also showcases new releases from Team Manila and Suez & Zapote, an independent space that features diverse applications of art and design through its main medium, silkscreen printing.

The exhibit will run until June 30, 2016. Items on display are also available for sale. Visit www.avidaland.com. for more information.



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