Indulge a Filipino + Spanish Buffet at Quezon

Filipino + Spanish Buffer at Quezon
Quezon is developed as the haven for delectable cuisines that every Filipino would crave for. They showcased a variety of gastronomic fares that will surely suit everyone's palates. Following the success of their first concept buffet - Guevarra's, welcomes another concept restaurant - Quezon Buffet - that recently opened in Fisher Mall.

Filipino + Spanish Buffet at Quezon

Nestled in the heart of Quezon Ave, Quezon Buffet carries an ambiance of an old-world charm and rustic appeal. It exudes with high caliber dishes at very affordable rates.
Merges the comforts of home and gourmet delicacies by catering the country's cuisines.

Much of the inspiration behind this effort came from their collective ideas to acknowledge the deep historical connection during President Quezon's era, and this is through the sustainable cooking of exquisite dishes.

Filipino + Spanish Buffer at Quezon

Chef Kalel Chan is the man behind the success of Quezon, and various fine-dining and high-end restaurants. He is also an expert in food carvings which is one of Quezon's distinctive offerings.

Filipino + Spanish Buffer at Quezon

Filipino + Spanish Buffer at Quezon

Exuding with elegant ambiance, Quezon buffet incorporates classic lines and art deco pieces into its interior, creating a classic touch. The backdrops are great for photo-taking which is a known Filipino past time in every family gatherings. The walls are well-themed with photos of President Quezon through the years, giving customers a nostalgic ambiance.

The whole place can accommodate close to 200 persons with spacious function rooms for 35 persons, respectively.

Filipino + Spanish Buffer at Quezon

Highlighting Filipino- Spanish heritage that embodies classic food that includes roasting stations, various meat dishes, seafood, grains and noodles, fresh salads, flavorful dessert selections.

Filipino + Spanish Buffer at Quezon

Some of the hearty dishes they serve for the main course are Lechon baka, Gambas, Dinakdakan, Paella. Their Lechon Baka is a savory meat roasted to perfection served with special sauce.

The seafood lovers will take delight in their Spanish shrimp dish - Gambas. It is sweet, salty, and salty all together. Dinakdakan, on the other hand, soothes the taste buds with its spicy sour taste.

Filipino + Spanish Buffer at Quezon

The Ilocano dish comprised of grilled parts such as the ears, face, liver.
Paella is hailed as the kings of every Spanish gathering that is a mixture of rice with seafood and vegetables served in a typical flat pan from Mediterranean Spanish coast.

Complementing the dishes, the place is satisfying as their service is generally noble. The staff depicts one of the good traits of every Filipino, being hospitable.

Quezon Buffet is the epitome of this man by serving finest and mouthwatering dishes and yet affordable price across the board. The extraordinary price experience of tasting distinct local flavors will surely worth a visit.

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