Coca-Cola x KFC Emoticups

Coke x KFC Emojicups
I admit, I'm one of those who religiously visits fast food chains. Besides the fact that they serve food in an instant, I can also choose from their menu that fits my budget. Just last week, I attended a collaboration between Coca-Cola and KFC for Emoticups.

Coke x KFC Emojicups

With the power of emoticons, Coca-Cola together with KFC is giving everyone a fun and creative way to share their feelings using Coke Emoticons, while enjoying the finger-licking goodness of their favorite KFC fried chicken.

Now there's an exciting and fun way to show how much diners feel when eating their favorite finger lickin' good chicken with families and friends as KFC comes out with the limited edition Coca-Cola Emoticups.

Coke x KFC Emojicups
Coca-Cola EmotiCups are free for every chicken bucket meal which includes 8 pieces of chicken, 2 spaghetti, 4 rice and 4 medium drinks in collectible EmotiCups. Diners can also avail of the EmotiCups by simply adding P20 to their combo meal with drinks, Fully-Loaded meal, Fill- Up Box, 1-Piece chicken meal, or Teriyaki Pepper Steak rice bowl.

Coke x KFC Emojicups Make eating with friends more special and fun with the finger lickin’ good KFC meals and ice- cold Coca-Cola in unique EmotiCups – the latest collaboration between two of the biggest global brands, available from July 8 to September 8 at your nearest KFC branch. Check out the official Facebook pages of KFC Philippines and Coca-Cola Philippines for more information.

Taste the Feeling, Share the Feeling with Coke and KFC.



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