Watsons #KissAgingGoodbye campaign

Watsons #KissAgingGoodbye

What is your skin regiments? As a young man who's experiencing puberty I have tried a lot of products to find what best suits my sensitive skin.

Harsh environment, stress, and bad habits are sometimes the reason that triggers my skin dilemma. Drawn with curiosity I noticed my skin has a season, sometimes it's soft and smooth and there are times that it's just shitty. Lol!

Watsons #KissAgingGoodbye

Watsons #KissAgingGoodbye

Good thing Watsons has a  Kiss Aging Goodbye campaign an anti-aging awareness to help thousands to slow down the process of aging. and to some millennials like me to eliminate some minimal skin issues.

Watsons #KissAgingGoodbye

I'm saying goodbye to big pores, acne, oily skin, blemishes etc. because there are thousand of products from Watsons that has collagen, vitamin E, and other nutrients that my skin need most.

Finding the right product for your skin is like waiting for the rain in the middle of a desert. It really does take time, research, and patience.

Watsons #KissAgingGoodbye

That is why in my recent visit at Watsons, I tried to buy some mild product for my skin. Cetaphil to control the oiliness of my skin yet doesn't leave my skin dry, Bello collagen to keep my skin elasticity from within (forget t take a photo), and some Collagen face mask for that intensive repair.

Tip: Make it a habit to Wash, Tone, and Moisturize (WTM)

Watsons #KissAgingGoodbye

Kiss Aging Goodbye too,  drop by to any Watsons store and get an amazing deal and discount on anti-aging products plus a chance to win a Php 200,00 from August 4 until September 2016.

Visit their Facebook page for updates.

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