Greenwich #UltimateBandkada Season 2 winner

Greenwich #UltimateBandkada Season 2

It's so rare for me to watch band competitions unless they will play jazz music. True, I live in the wrong era because Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday are the people I listen to every single day.

Greenwich #UltimateBandkada Season 2

But a little pop/rock won't hurt anybody. Pinoy bands all over the country gathered and tried their luck in the Greenwich #UltimateBandkada Season 2. Until 8 strong bands left to dominate this year's competition. Here are the 8 finalists: ACE FORM, HAPPY ENDING, MUSICO, SHALOM, PLETHORA, RELENTLESS, ABCG, ALAB

Greenwich #UltimateBandkada Season 2

They performed their piece at Valkyrie club in BGC hosted by Andre Paras and Yassi Pressman. The event was full of pizza and cocktails and of course music.

Aside from the contestants Judges like Yumi Laxamana, and Up Dharma Down's Armi Millare also performed their hit songs. 

Since I'm a UDD fan their number is the only thing I get to record. lol!

After enjoying UDD and devouring slices of pizza they announce the winner. The club was occupied with cheering and screaming fans from their peg bands.

Greenwich #UltimateBandkada Season 2

Congratulations to PLETHORA for winning this year's title. Their music was different from the rest, you will hear the vocalist voice clearly not overpowering by the instruments. Cheers!!!

Thank you so much Greenwich for having us and giving aspiring bands a chance to showcase their talent. Until the next #UltimateBandkada :)

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