Chooks-to-Go presents Bossing Vic for their take-home ulam


Who else would be a better endorser of Chooks-to-Go but no other than Bossing Vic Sotto? His strong appeal and charisma really describe the kind of ulam Bounty Agri Ventures (BAVI) is promoting. Kaya naman Bossing Vic and BAVI's partnership could really indulge all the moms out there especially those who are on the go.

With its "Hindi ka nag-uuwi ng ulam na basta basta" campaign, indeed its Chooks-to-Go the best choice of ulam that you can present to your family table. For sure, even the picky-eater kid would love to munch the oven-roasted chicken na "masarap kahit walang sauce".


Any mom would always put first the quality of food they want to take home. This is why BAVI president Ronald Ricaforte Mascarñas emphasizes that "with Chooks-to-Go and Bossing Vic together, we have a great opportunity to support hardworking moms with a go-to take-home ulam of choice that's affordable, healthy, and delicious." Well, for sure even the stay-at-home moms out there could still attest how good the product is.

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wrote by: Abrylle Maribao



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