Versatile accessories from Promate Technologies


In this digital world, we are living technology is literally everybody's friend. It's amazing how far we've come and sometimes I'm trying to imagine what is life without all of these innovations. All I'm trying to is that today's generation was very lucky to have this kind of privilege where the task will get easier than before.

For a millennial like me, technology plays a big part of my job. I spend most of my time on my blog and social media to create content. Sometimes, our gadget needs accessories good thing Promate Technologies, a multi-awarded Dubai-based digital lifestyle accessory brand, is bringing reenvisioned lifestyle technology products to the Philippines ranging from computer peripherals to mobile & car accessories.

The company has received numerous design and product awards from IF Product Design Award (Germany), Good Design Award (Japan), Taiwan Excellence (Taiwan), Computex D&I Awards, just among a thousand of its awards.


“We are reenvisioning ’lifestyle technology’ to break down the barrier between the impact of the high-tech world and the normalcy of everyday life, delivering the most pioneering accessories whether that be for the home, the office, in the car or just absolutely anywhere people are virtually connected in their waking hours,” says Dimple Condes, Promate Philippines Country Manager.   


Promate Technologies has opened shops and are hooking up with the best tech retailers in the country to share their diverse line-up of products that adapt to the needs of the avid digital adapter this side of the world. 

Seeking out an adventure trip (again!) soon? Never get drained with Promate power banks, adapters, and car accessories.  The wanderlusts in us are fueled by cheap fares and quick-as-lighting online hotel bookings - instilling a quite permanent zest for traveling by land, air or sea. Whether you’re that tech warrior exploring the outskirts of an adventure-ridden trip or that digital monster thriving downtown the biggest of bustling cities of the world, never run of power again with Promate Provolta-21, 20800mAH power bank to make sure your devices are always powered-up. Bring along loads of music to play on Promate Groove, a 20-watt wireless speaker with a built-in 8800mAH battery because your trips are always fun with a road trip playlist and get every angle right in your cruise with the Promate Monopro-12 selfie monopod for heavyweight cameras.


Finding time to workout? Promate changes the way you live a healthy lifestyle with its cool wearable tech products. Ah, the Filipino way of life has truly evolved - and now even your gadgets will keep up with you with Promate liveBelt-2 sporty belt band case at the gym or that Promate SnugRide waterproof case with the bike mount and waterproof headsets like Promate Solix-1 when you bike out!


Tired of organizing workspace? There’s a never-ending goal to decluttering our workspaces to boost productivity and get more things done.  Great thing to be able to have access to sleek, compact gadget hubs like the plug and play Promate MacHub-12 hi-speed USB hub for your Mac to enjoy multiple seamless connectivities or the Promate bluClass-2 wireless multipoint headset for hands-free calling and music streaming.


Want an ultimate connected home? With scores of gadgets making our lives super-simple, having the right tech accessories at home has provided quick solutions to everyday problems like Promate Glint, a dual-port USB wall charger that functions as an energy-efficient night light, too, or take your music listening experience at home with Promate Prime heavy-duty multi-function 20-watt speaker that has Pro-Connect technology for a surround-sound experience at home.

From power to protection and just about everything else in between, Promate Technologies has a line-up of lifestyle technology accessories from projectors, sound solutions, power solutions, digital fashion accessories, wearable tech, photography peripherals, car hi-tech accessories, to products that clean and protect your devices. Wherever you are, whatever you do, Promate lets you do it in style, opening opportunities to let Filipinos have the flexibility and freedom to do more of what they love most.

Promate is also available in Lazada, Asia’s largest online shopping destination that provides customers with an effortless shopping experience. It's quick and reliable delivery service gives customers a broad range of secure payment options including cash-on-delivery. Visit the official Promate store on Lazada today. 



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