Focus On What Matters by Coach Pia Acevedo (Not A Book Review)

I've been reading lots of status on facebook saying "It's hard to be me" followed by their ungrateful remarks about their good life. It's like a tacky statement of their bragging rights. Leaving us readers confused whether to say they're "so humble" or "bitch what's wrong with you?". With the kind of social media environment, it is hard to focus on what matters most or even to think about whether thinking about other status matters or not. LOL! Kidding aside, with the rise of social media where everybody rules, focusing on things that matters can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Before we proceed, let me just tell you that this is not a book review but rather a statement from yours truly about how important this book can be. I have a copy of this book, but I haven't read it yet because of my busy schedule. And nope, I'm not like others who will post it as a status, because damn I love being busy!

Focus On What Matters was written by Coach Pia Acevedo. A life coach who is committed to sharing her knowledge on making better life decisions. The book is basically for people who needed to lead their life. In short, this book is for everyone, unless you are the kind of person who wants to live life like a dead fish going with the flow. It's for people who needed to make some twist in their lives and seek their purpose.

On the introduction, I've read that this book may present options for focusing on what matters most, especially for those who are confused on how they can simplify life. This book is a tool for development, a process of change, thus readers are encouraged to commit to it.  It's like attending a class where you are the student and this book is your teacher. I think that's how really reading works haha!

Anyway, good luck on my journey. If you want to read with me, this book is available. Check out Coach Pia's Facebook Page.



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