The Success in Reinventing Oneself

Success is no accident. It entails hard work, perseverance, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love for what you do. Oftentimes, those who are unsuccessful often feel trapped, whether in a dead-end career or otherwise. Sometimes, a 180-degree turn or turning to a different direction, can do wonders.

Nina Solomon explored Morocco in 2015

Nina Solomon, a Senior Executive Advisor and a Unit Manager in Philam Life, did one such transition. She dared to reinvent herself and found a place where she can excel.

Before joining the corporate world, she manned and managed the fruit wholesale business of her mother in Divisoria for 10 years. Her good handling of the business made it profitable, but she yearned for something else. She wanted to have a career where she can feel fulfilled. Then a friend told her about the Philam Life insurance business, and she was drawn to it.
Nina Solomon brought her husband Florante to Milan when she qualified for the incentive trip.

It all started-off as a way to reinvent herself, patterning herself mostly after fashionable colleagues on how to look professional, smart and elegant. But it eventually turned into a passion to share the importance of financial literacy. As she began attending trainings, she realized the value of the protection coverage and the benefits that financial products can offer to clients.

Nina Solomon (right) with AIA Group CEO and President Mark Tucker (center) and AIA Regional Chief Executive Ng Keng Hooi (left) at the 2014 AIA President’s Club in Berlin

“I remember one client of mine who showed me a picture of his family and made me promise that if something happens to him, I will take care of his family – that struck me the most. I felt that I am responsible for my clients and that I should take this career seriously,” said Solomon.

The Starbright Financial Advisors Management Team (left to right) Judd Sta Maria, Anna Blanco, Rogel Morales, Dhelle Datinguinoo, Nina Solomon, Jen Sta. Maria, Kat Lacdan and Red Pasetes

Nina’s respect for the need for financial literacy and planning went beyond training. She experienced firsthand how proper financial planning for life’s uncertainties helped out when a great tragedy struck her: Her beloved husband passed away unexpectedly.

Surprise birthday party for Nina Solomon last Nov 15, 2016 by the Starbright Financial Advisors management and advisors team

“It was 2006, a day after his birthday. He was brought to the hospital for extreme headache. His blood tests were abnormally high and the doctor suspected either Dengue, Leukemia or a blood infection. I remember how he, in great pain, leaned on me as we waited for test results. Later, it was confirmed he had acute Leukemia,” said Solomon.

Being married for 23 years, Nina did not find it easy to regain her strength and face life’s journey single-handedly. But she found strength to go on with the love and support from her Philam Life family and her drive to fulfill her mission to her clients, whom she treated as family. To date, she has around 800 clients. “My clients hang on to me. I can’t give up on them,” she said.

Nina Solomon (right) with Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos (2nd from right) and Agency Manager Anna Blanco (2 nd from left) at the AIA President’s Club in Monaco last 2012.

A new challenge was given to her by her managers - “What if you duplicate yourself?” She leads 25 Financial Advisors on her first year as unit manager, with ages ranging from the millennials to what they jokingly refer to as “may linya” (with facial lines).  “They are the kids I never had,” she enthused.

Nina Solomon has been a Philam Life Financial Advisor for 20 years now. More than ever, she feels excited to fulfill her mission to her clients and to her new mentees. She teaches the value of excellence and passion as key to success.

She has been a member of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a prestigious global organization of high-performing financial advisors, for 19 years; Court of the Table for six years; and Top of the Table for one year. She has also attended the President’s Club in New York, just one of her many all-expenses- paid travels around the world given by Philam Life.

Aside from her mission to spread the good news of financial literacy, Nina also serves as of Foundation for Professional Training, Inc. This is an organization that sends indigent female students to a two-year course in Hotel and Restaurant Management, where 100% of students get employed after graduation.

Nina Solomon (center) was awarded as Top Associate of the Year 2013 (Top of the Table) during the AIA President’s Club held in Hawaii

Philam Life is the country’s premier life insurance company. It is a member of the AIA Group, the second largest life insurer in the world, and the top MDRT Company worldwide for two consecutive years.

Like Nina, anyone can make a turnaround in their life by choosing to take action, to try-out opportunities, or to find their passion and purpose in life. And when they do, success comes without them realizing it.

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