My 2017 Goals to level up my #PiattosTime

By the end of 2016, I noticed that more and more people started appreciating my skills in doing makeup. The fact that I only learned from video tutorials, really warms my heart and makes me want to do more. My #PiattosTime video challenge entry, where I did a 30 sec makeup look, sparked an idea of what I want to to do in 2017.

I also received good comments from people I put makeup on that they liked it, and they want to hire me as their makeup artist for their future events. Who doesn't want to receive money from doing something you love right? Unfortunately, I don't have any certification of being a professional. Thus, I am looking forward to enriching my skills in doing make up this 2017. I'll start to save money and enroll in different makeup workshops that will certify me and level up my passion further.

Also, I will start building my YouTube channel where I can share makeup routines that I learn and discover. My aim is not to only look good, but to also share confidence to those who lacks it.

2017 has officially started and I’m excited to level up my fun #PiattosTime, which is doing makeup while munching on my favorite hexagon chips. How about you? What’s your #PiattosTime and how do you plan to level it up this 2017? Got any stories of how simple things affects your future goals?

Share it in the comment section below.



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