Union Bank honors another fruitful year!

Union Bank received awards for being the best commercial bank and best innovation in retail banking by the International banker. To drive change for a better world is their purpose. This was shared Union Banks' Chairman and CEO, Justo A. Ortiz. Union Bank does that by elevating lives and fulfilling dreams and advancing business and communities by enabling and connecting them through smart banking.

They recently held a thanksgiving party to acknowledge not only the team’s efforts who contributed to the development and success but also the media who supported them through the years. A singing battle for the media was also conducted in the evening party that attracted the eyes of all audiences. Indeed a fruitful 2016 as they have been named the best company to work for in Asia.

Union Bankers have shared three thousand stories to date, of how they've embraced and lived this purpose in their day to day work on Union Bank. They challenge convention, they are the innovative and low-cost producer, plus ISO certified in all their operations. 

Not only that, they've superior products and services that are the relevant expert in challenge convention. They believe in sustainability and contribute to their communities, spending 19,000 hours with 288 communities making a difference to about 1.5 million Filipinos.

Union Bank commits to assisting and will continue to make a difference. 



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