REVIEW: Sleek Makeup Brow Intensity

Every makeup enthusiasts know the importance of a long lasting brow. I mean, who would want their eyebrow makeup fading after few hours of staying under this hell of a moody weather? I don't know about you, but definitely not me. So when I discovered this Sleek Brow Intensity - a multipurpose brow tool with a smudge-proof-long-lasting formula, I decided to give it a try.

Here's my opinion:

- The smudge-proof formula is effective and it really lasts. I tried doing my house chores while wearing it and it really stayed on my eyebrows for a very long time.

-  The brow bone highlighter (highlighting pencil) is a BOMB! I love its sheer holographic effect on natural light.

- The tapered sponge tip helps in achieving big and bold brow styles. Having this mechanism on a brow tool is kind of unusual, but it really does the job.
- For a double ended brow tool, Sleek Makeup Brow Intensity is very affordable at 695.00 Pesos.
- I just wish they have scented brow gel so it'll be much nicer to apply. Who doesn't want a scented brow gel right?

Overall, I think Sleek Makeup Brow Intensity is worth using especially for people who are always on the go and doesn't have that much time for a brow fix. Their formula for a smudge proof brow is efficient enough to make you go the distance.

Sleek Makeup Brow Intensity is available in selected department stores. For more information, you may visit their social media websites below.




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