Happy 70th Cetaphil!!!

I used to be in the streets of Manila to help my mom with her little sari-sari store. On our daily travel, I always find my skin filthy with dust and smoke. I grew acne on my face and felt rashes started to spread all over my body. I become sensitive and loss confidence to myself.  To me during that time, physical appearance matter especially that we are poor. I tried all types of face and body cleanser that I can afford only to experience stings during application that sometimes leave a mark.

A friend of mine introduced Cetaphil to me as a regular facial wash. At first, I thought it's too expensive for something that doesn't even produce bubbles because you know our perspective about bubbles right? If it bubbles, it's clean! After a week of usage, I was surprised with the result. It's not only mild on the skin, it really does the job in cleaning dirt.  

That is why I am very glad when I received an invite from Cetaphil as they celebrate their 70th Anniversary at the Makati Shangrila Plaza. Along with my blogger friends, we dressed up in our casual dressy outfit and slay! 

It was mentioned in the event that the essence of Cetaphil is in the name: the ‘phil’ at the end means ‘love’, while the ‘Cet’ comes from the fatty alcohol which is used as an emollient – Cetyl alcohol. ‘Cetaphil’, therefore, is the love of softening and soothing skin.

It is indeed a fun event and I am personally looking forward to more years of healthy skin with Cetaphil.

Check out their Facebook page for updates.



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