REVIEW: Maybelline's Fashion Brow Collection

Martin Rules

Drugstore makeup has been stepping up their game lately and I think Maybelline is one of the brands that go beyond what they are expected to be. Today, I'd like to share with you my thoughts about Maybelline's Fashion Brow collection, because you know how much I like to talk about brows, right?

Martin Rules

Fashion Brow 3D contour palette - Php 349

For 349 Pesos, this brow contour palette is something that you might want to try. It is easy to apply as it fills in my brows effortlessly with minimal brush strokes. Its wax can help you achieve that on-fleek look; simply set it with its powder and girl you're good to go. I'm just not sure if this has a water and smudge proof mechanism because I tried taking it in the shower and it just doesn't easily washed away. So I guess I can wear it while swimming or sing with it in the rain. So far, I like this product. The palette comes in with two shades of brown and 1 light brown. I just wish they release darker shade to compliment those with darker hair tone like me. Our brows need to match our hair unless you want to start something new, which I'm really interested to know. haha!

Martin Rules

Fashion Brow Pomade crayon - Php 399

To be honest, I thought this was an eyeshadow on a stick. I can't imagine myself using a big chunk of product on my brows because y'all know I like my brows defined to the Gods! But if you want to achieve bold brows, then this one is for you. It's super creamy, easy to blend and can tame your unruly brows. It's a bit gray for me but I think I can rock it once set with powder. 

Martin Rules

Brow Precise - Php 399

This product is something that I would recommend for photo shoots and conceptual event, definitely not for daily use. It has this loud color and greasy texture that would look unnatural once you applied it on; something that I would really like to see for editorial photos and hey it stays long!

Martin Rules

Fashion Brow 3D cream pencil - Php 199

No second thoughts! I love this one! You'll surely get a defined and precise eyebrows with this cream pencil. Its creamy formula glides easily on your brows and it comes with a good spoolie that is so soft, it blends with the product effortlessly. I just don't like the fact that I have to sharpen it every now and then to get the pointed tip. Who doesn't hate that? Lazy bastard! Haha!

Martin Rules

Fashion Brow Duo shaper - Php 199

I remember purchasing this back in 2015 when I'm still learning to draw my brows. I think this is the first eyebrow pencil I bought and regret it afterward. Lol! No "T" No shade but it doesn't work. The pencil is not pigmented and the powder on the other side is just a no no.

After 2 years, I give it another chance. You know how time can change the tides, so why not? I was literally SHOOKT with how good the product is now. I was gagging, like "Did I just mentioned those words of hate for this little one?". Now, the pencil has a good pigment and it is so easy to fill in your brows. The powder on the other end is the perfect match to add dimension to your brows.

And that's basically my opinion with Maybelline's Fashion Brow Collection. If you have your own thoughts, you may leave a comment below and don't forget to share it with your friends. You're welcome.

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