OVERNIGHT OATS | Preparing breakfast at night to a healthier you

Living in a fast-paced environment requires everything to be on the go. It's hard to slow down because a simple delay can make us all sashay for our lives! Haha! Kidding aside, with busy schedules and the constant morning rush, often people don’t have time to prepare breakfast, or they simply don’t have the time to sit down and eat in the morning. What people don’t realize is that skipping breakfast, and starting the day hungry is the gateway to poor unhealthy choices.

The easiest way to control your food choices and inspire you to stay on track towards better health is to start your day with a healthy meal. For those who have a fast-paced lifestyle, eating oats is the perfect and most convenient fix.

Anne Remulla-Canda, Marketing Manager for Nutrition says, “A lot of people actually think that oatmeal is hard to prepare. But it’s actually not, it’s not only easy but a really convenient healthy breakfast option. It’s high in fiber, a source of protein, vitamins, and minerals that would give you the energy to start the day and keep you going.” 

Quaker, a company who has had a long heritage of providing healthy mornings for over 140 years, is presenting an even more convenient way to give you healthy mornings: overnight oats. 

By pre-preparing your breakfast the night before, there’s no reason to skip breakfast. Remulla-Canda notes, “In the morning you can just grab it, have a quick breakfast fix in the morning or at your office. It’s also great because you can also customize it to your taste, ” she says.

The colorful breakfast craze is popular for a reason:

It’s easy to make with items you likely already have on hand.
It requires zero cooking and can be prepped in 5 minutes.
It can be easily customized according to your taste.
It’s healthy.
It’s convenient.
It’s delicious!
It’s grab and go

Inspiring healthy mornings and good nutrition is Quaker’s own Quaker Overnight Breakfast Club – led by Joyce Pring, Wil Dasovich, Patti Grandidge and Lauren Young. During the nutritious filled morning event, each club member shared his or her favorite Quaker Overnight Oats Club Recipes.

“I first made overnight oats a year ago. But I just really got into it. It’s the perfect time to get started too since so many fruits are in season,” said Grandidge.

Dasovich likes overnight oats because of its morning boost, “I’ve found that oats allow me to start my day strong and keep me satisfied just in time for my next meal.”

Above everything else, however, is how easy Overnight Oats are to prepare. “All you need to know are three steps: (1) place the oats in the jar, (2) soak oats in milk, and (3) add your toppers. That’s it! Pop it in the fridge and you’ll have a nutritious and satiating breakfast that will get you through the busiest mornings,” Young said.

Prepare your breakfast the night before, and breakfast doesn’t have to be skipped and health no longer needs to be sacrificed. With a jar of overnight oats waiting for you each morning, you can just grab and go. Healthy mornings start at night with Quaker Oats.

Share your healthy mornings and be a part of the Quaker Overnight Breakfast Club with the hashtag #QuakerOvernightBreakfastClub. You can also win prizes from Quaker if you upload your healthy morning overnight breakfast oats creations on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag.

For more healthy morning inspirations follow Quaker’s Facebook page
@QuakerOatsPhilippines or visit the website www.quakeroats.ph.



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