Bata Philippines opens 3rd store in the country

Some of my friends know how I make shoe contact first before the eyes. You know what I mean by that right? Nice pair of kicks really impresses me. Having good shoes for me is a testament to your unwavering care for your whole being. Because if there's a part of our body we don't know, but we seem to abuse daily, it's our fancy dandy feet.

That's what I like about this new integration from the Bata Innovation Lab who's always on the lookout for relevant innovation; last August 10 at SM Makati, they presented to us the  Insolia® Heels into Bata footwear.

Founded by podiatrist and biomechanics expert Dr. Howard Dananberg, HBN Shoe LLC develops and manufactures the Insolia® family of products, including Insolia Heels. This component, when integrated into women’s shoes with heels of 45mm and more, shifts weight off the forefoot to reduce pressure by 30%.

And there’s more good news for high-heel wearers: Insolia Heels also reduces oxygen demand while walking by 25% and increases wear time by a factor of three.

A benefit to the woman on the go, Insolia Heels are built into heeled footwear to improve biomechanics, comfort, gait, weight distribution, balance, posture, and stability.

Bata Philippines is located at 3L SM Megamall Bldg B, 2L SM Makati, 1L SM City Bacoor, and SM Department Store.

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