Dacara Farm Visit

Dacara Farm Visit

I don't usually enjoy seeing caged animals even if they dance, wiggle, or do whatever things we humans imply them to do. God made birds with beautiful wings because they belong to the sky. He gave them strong legs to run free, big eyes to hunt in the dark, and sometimes voice to sing beautifully. Their feathers are created to court their kind and procreate, not for charms or good luck we people believed to. They deserved a sanctuary that will serve their God-given purpose and not just a place that will soon bring them to their decay.

Dacara Farm Visit

Dacara's farm of Pili, Camarines Norte is said to be one of the popular wildlife sanctuaries in the region. According to the owner Angelita Luna Dacara, who preferred to be called Nanay or Tita, the birds were given to her by the DENR. I wasn't able to ask, but maybe that is because the said department is still lacking with facilities that can cater to the needs of the animals. I hate to say this, but I really hope they have bigger space to spread their wings, fly, and exercise. In the near future, I guess?

There are voices inside me saying that I am freaking disturbing them while I'm taking their photos. I know birds are only able to relax whenever they're high on the ground, away from any predators, like us humans. I am really looking forward to better facilities for these creatures in Dacara Farm.

Anyway, aside from birds, Dacara Farm is also a champ in organic farming. They have naturally grown vegetables, free-range chicken, oh and did I mention those wonderful snacks we had?

The farm is a nice place for retreats, relaxation, healing or if you just want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of urban living.

For more information check out their Facebook page.



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