Before we proceed, I'd like to acknowledge our sleepover venue during Day 1 (READ MORE ABOUT DAY 1 HERE).

They call the place CWC and I really love its cozy vibes. Although it's a short stay, it was really remarkable. I feel like I'm in a movie. Let's say Cabin in the woods? Don't get me wrong but the interiors really made me feel that way. Not a bad thing ok?! I loved the movie a lot!

Anyway, from Pili, we headed straight to Albay not only to see the majestic Mayon but to also to get some FREE EDUCATION about organic farming! Yas! You've read that right! FREE! Apparently, there is a farm in Bicol, spearheaded by the Kawa-kawa Organic Planters Processors Association or KOPPA, that serves as a learning site for Organic Farmer's wannabe (excuse my terminology #MillenialProblems).

Startup farmers get to experience methods that they can replicate or improve in their own farms. They also get to share thoughts and experiences with other farmers and experts in the field which is a big thing for beginners.

KOPPA Farm is specifically located at Ligao, Albay Bicol. For more information, you may visit Department of Agriculture, Bicol Region at 



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