I don't know if the weather has been very good to us during our trip because I didn't use much of my sunblock. It's like God gave it as a bonus so we can roam wherever we want to. That being said, we didn't miss a side trip to Sumlang Lake and Cagsawa. Unfortunately, the sexy Mayon was covered with clouds so we didn't get to witness its perfect shape.

Bicol is world famous for their spicy dishes if you don't know that you'll die an instant death! JK! Most Bicolano's love spicy delicacies, even their ICE CREAM! Yep! ICE CREAM! Perfect for that gloomy weather and a sure must try. It's weird at first taste but you'll surely get into it. The spicy level is tolerable and I must say, it's better than that Sam Yang Korean thing social media is raving about. Hummmm....Sili Ice Cream Challenge is something! Haha! Let's set the trend then! Waaah!

On our last day in Bicol, we visited the Kalikasan Organic Farm owned by Marlon and Marly Longabela. It is a 2-hectare farm that's been running for almost 7 years, yet still considered a demo-farm of the Sa Agrarian Reform Iriba Gabos sa Kauswagan (SARIGAN) Cooperative. The farm doesn't only feature Bicol's flagship commodity, which is the Pili nuts, it also showcases best practices in sustaining organic products for the community by selling their homegrown products locally. Panalo Talaga!

If only we have this kind of farm in Manila, I'm a sure suki. If you want to get to know more about Kalikasan Organic Farm, you're lucky! They have a facebook page you can visit at There they promote EAT.SAFE.FOOD. which is something we should all live for. 



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