It's kind of annoying when you brought your eco-bag to the grocery only to realize that not all your purchase can fit in. And as since you no longer want to use plastic, you'll opt to buy another eco-bag. Come another grocery day and yep, you buy another bag because the other one is torn out already. This has been my dilemma when doing my grocery. I know it's kinda lame, but who are you to judge me? LOL! Good thing, SM just launched its much bigger, stronger, and better SM Greenbag. With the new limited edition greenbag, shoppers can now worry less and carry more items when they shop with their SM Greenbag. Instead of toting around single-use throw-away bags, the sturdy limited-edition Greenbag will help you gather all your shopping and belongings easily. And with its new red and green style, you’ll look a lot more fashionable when you shop too! It is the eco-friendly choice that can be quickly incorporated into our everyday life with minimal effort.

The new SM Greenbag now boasts a larger capacity of 3 shopping bags combined. This means, your holiday shopping just got better! Like the original SM Greenbag that started the green movement a decade ago, the new SM Greenbag’s reusability literally makes it an Earth-saver every time it is used and reused.

Even after the holidays, the SM Greenbag will still be your best friend. It’s not just good for bringing groceries, it’s also stylish and sturdy enough to use in the gym, to carry baby essentials, and to bring your much needed personal belongings. 

An easy way to remember to use your Greenbag is by storing them in your car after every use, or by your front door and office desk so that you always have at least one Greenbag on hand when you need to carry all your different things or when you need to make an unscheduled grocery trip. The new limited edition SM Greenbag is available for a short period of time in SM Markets stores nationwide for only P35.

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