Preview x Forever 21: Style Talks

It's as if I am finding my own tribe whenever I'm in front of my closet, digging for what to wear for upcoming events. It's frustrating especially when your resources are limited. My closet consists mostly of pambahay t-shirts and polos given to me by friends and relatives as their pinaglumaan. Shopping for clothes is not really my priority because #foodislife. But what if your looks can bring you food to the table? That I'm really interested. Haha! These are exactly my thoughts when I attended the Preview x Forever 21 event is SM Makati; where fashion experts Vince Uy, Isha Valles, & Nikki Rivera talks about the importance of style and look transformation.

I realized how finding your own style can mirror your success in the future. The experts provided as tips and tricks to transform a corporate look to a fab night outfit.

They also provided us some advice in carrying yourself with certain clothes. I think my take away for this event is life is too short to wear boring clothes.

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Here's me being silly inside the fitting room. 

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