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We know that the internet is saturated with articles on beauty, skincare, and grooming alike, but most of these are generally directed to women. Men are regarded as clueless or unattached to the idea of taking proper care of the body - but there is little truth in this. 

Just like our women counterparts, men can also be pretty critical when it comes to taking care of our overall appearance. We believe that given enough platform and attention, we can inspire and teach more men into giving extra thought to their overall wellness too.

Albeit simple, proper grooming guidance is needed for men. Luckily, some of our most trusted products when it comes to men’s care have simplified things for those who prefer uncomplicated grooming. One of the holy grail products every modern man should have, for its long-lasting effects and overall benefits is a proper man crème.

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What does this mean?

Men generally don’t like putting too many products on their bodies, so the most important thing to do is to take good care of the skin. The ideal product is something that is flexible: something that targets everything our skin needs – from keeping irritants away, to fighting off those dry, flakey patches that appear out of nowhere. (Where on earth do these things even come from?) And isn’t life a bit more bearable when there’s an equal solution to every problem?

Nivea Men Crème is the ingenious product that men (and women) swear by, and for a good reason. Especially developed for men, it is something that can be used as an after-shave cream for keeping your stubbles from irritation, as a face moisturizer, as a hand crème you can bring around, as your skin’s protection from the sun, and everything your skin might possibly need. It’s an all-around product that is formulated specifically to address all those concerns, and it has come to your rescue.

Unlike those creams that make you feel like you’ve applied a heaping of oil all over your body, the Nivea Men Crème smells divine. It has a fresh, masculine scent that doesn’t come off too strong. It also has a very light and non-greasy formulation, that gives your skin that boost of hydration and protection that is needed - especially during busy seasons under the sun and late work nights - when your appearance is just at the least of your priorities.

Nivea Men Crème was specifically created to make your grooming life easier.

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