READ ME OUT: My Anti-Social Story!

My anti-social status back in high school was so severe I don't even know my seat mate's name. I often struggle with group works and I hate attending scouts assembly or anything compulsory that requires a crowd. I even ditched prom and almost my graduation ceremony. That is all thanks to my elementary teacher who made me hate people, after shaming me in front of her class for looking like a girl.

Then comes blogging, which opens me to a lot of things and lead me to my passion - to look good. LOL! Kidding aside, blogging really helped me figure things out. It gave me voice. It helped me navigate my self out of the anti-social clan, though part of me remains to be that High School kid, I still cannot neglect the fact that I now know how to socialize. Blogging made me attend events and practically meet people with my same interest. Although criticisms and bashing are still present, blogging helped me not to listen to the noise.

I became friends with some bloggers whom I look up to specially in writing, because I no good in grammar, yeah? Haha! Some of them became my barkada, you know the people you hang out to, because...I've no choice. Charot! ...maybe because aside from blogging we all share the same interest with eating pizza. That's is why when we got invited by Greenwhich to their Pizzeria at Bonifacio Stop Over last week, we can't help but release our inner pizza monster. It is indeed a nice place to spend your time with barkada because of its instagrammable facade and millennial vibe. So if you're in the area and is looking for a place for your barkada to spend Christmas, head to Greenwhich and eat out your tummy with their delectable treats. 

As for me who's still, somehow, bothered about my being anti-social in the past,  well I guess you should excuse me first as I eat this slice of pizza. Now get out of here!



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